Wednesday, March 23, 2011

iRobot helps Japan

Full circle, that's how everything comes.

The advertising and photo industry are interesting fields. Photographers, creatives, account managers, marketing professionals - there's a major commonality: knowing your client and their product. It tends to give us all a smattering of knowledge on everything from manufacturing of apparel to the bottling of drink products. It also gives us talking points that sometimes come full circle.

As is the case of iRobot, (photographer) Bob Packert visited their headquarters early this year to photograph CEO Colin Angle for Northshore Magazine. Read the article and you will find it touches on the personal side of Angle and his wife, former Miss Massachusetts and MIT grad Erika Ebbel as well as what iRobot is all about.

As Packert learned, iRobot is not just the creator of the famous Roomba, there is a huge emphasis on robots for the military and also disaster missions. In fact, they played a major role in the Gulf Spill: An Excerpt from Northshore's article states:

iRobot is always at work developing robots to do things that people don’t want to do, or in some cases, can’t do, like probe the depths of the ocean. That was the case with the Seaglider, an underwater robot that iRobot used to detect the plumes of oil underwater after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. The company published their findings online, publicizing the plumes “at a time when their existence was being discounted aggressively,” Angle says.

“We found them the same day that BP was making the statement that they didn’t exist,” he says. “We felt like we had an impact once again…and hopefully have contributed to the cleanup and conservation of the environment down there.”

Fast-forward to the last few weeks, Bob Packert caught this piece on New England Cable News and we discussed it during a phone call.

"One thing that kept coming up in conversation throughout the shoot was the fact that much of the technology developed was to help people. I noted that part of the company mantra was to "change the world". It is even more apparent now, with their role in helping with the disaster relief efforts in Japan! Kudos to a company helping to make a difference!" said Packert

Once again, iRobot is going where humans cannot and doing its best to help the people of Japan. Packert's take on this is that he saw first hand at iRobot how they really do strive to utilize their products to help us.

MESSAGE FOR NIPPON (from the inside, one photographer's efforts)

I first met photographer Yumiko Kinoshita when I produced projects for Amana Japan here in the Boston area. We spent time on Cape Cod together. Many years later, we keep in touch through facebook. When the disaster hit Japan, the whole team from Amana I worked with was on my mind and I immediately reached out to them. Fortunately everyone is safe.
"Yumi" as she is known is a very sweet and quiet woman, but her ideas are big and strong. Here is a message from Yumi, please collaborate with her.

"In March 2011, a major earthquake in eastern Japan plunged the country into unimaginable hard times. As I had a plan to visit Germany around that time, I wanted to contribute in some way through photography and came up with an idea to collect messages from people I meet during my trip. However, due to the worsening situation in Japan, I had to shorten my trip to be with my family back home. What I would like to ask you is to keep this project alive by continuing to collect messages, which together will become a force.

Photography has the power to transmit directly the sense of support and encouragement from people around the world. Many such photos already exist but this project focuses on photos that show both the message and the face of the sender because I believe that it is the simplest yet the most powerful way to communicate.

Please write a message and send us the photo of the message and its sender."

~ Yumiko Kinoshita, Photographer

email :

Please help Yumi with her project, submitting is simple and can show great support for the people of Japan.

Japan, an intro to our efforts, be a part of it.......

As I sit to write this entry, it is for many reasons. But ultimately it is to show that our art, YOUR art - is more than just a pretty photo. Imagery can have a powerful impact, even if it doesn't contain some amazing message within the image; by being a part of donations of work or collaborative submissions for Japan everyone can help.

Since the devastation of the earthquake, Tsunami and the nuclear crisis so many in our industry have taken very quick action for which I applaud them.

We have reached out to so many - and in multiple upcoming blog entries you will learn how you can help, either by submitting or purchasing work.

It's been humbling and eye opening and what is transpiring is a worldwide unity that I find amazing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Buy Original Art from the People who make it...... Boston's Fort Point Open Studios this weekend!

Come to the 31st Fort Point Arts Open Studios!

Having worked in and been part of the Fort Point Channel for many years, it's with much appreciation every year that I get to Open Studios.

What do I know? Let's just say I was half way through college when I watched the Summer Street Bridge being torn down from 337 Summer Street during my photo internship with Eric Roth in the very early days of the Big Dig.

On Friday October 15th you can attend various preview openings at Selected Studios:

Event of note is photographer Eric Levin's Opening Event at 7PM:
Elevin Studios will host an open studios kick-off party in their street-level studio featuring works by photographer, Eric Levin. Open bar sponsored by Skyy Vodka Infusions. 10% of art sales and $5 suggested donation will go to “BULLYING… We’re Kitckin’ It!” to help prevent bullying in local schools.

On Saturday Oct. 16th and Sunday Oct. 17th from 11AM-6PM: All Studios are open

Read on for some of our favs, and only some. Be sure to go online at FORTPOINTARTS.ORG and explore the list of over 150 artists opening their doors to the public. Anything in green, we've linked to the artist's info to make things easy. Keep in mind, while some of these artists sell year round, Open Studios is typically full of better on-site deals.

POTTERY: LINDA HUEY, great items, affordable, Linda's work is all organic form. (her soap dishes and small pins have been great gifts that I have purchased in years past)

GIFT + GREETING CARDS: BOB'S YOUR UNCLE , from cards to giftwrap, browse their site.

CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY: CAROL STOLTZE , Carol's pieces combine metals and natural stones as the perfect compliment.

INSTALLATION AT 319 A Street: SPIRITED MAGAZINE, artist/stylist/fashion designer Amanda Antunes presents her launch edition of the magazine in installation form. (find her on the 3rd floor in the rear building)

PHOTOGRAPHY: BOB PACKERT, photography and mixed media incorporating Packert's fashion and fine art work. (Last year everything displayed was for sale, interestingly you could find unique pieces not typical of Packert's commercial style - can you say artistic value?)

PHOTOGRAPHY: STEPHEN SHEFFIELD , is described as a photographic illustrator. Though his doors will not be open this year, Sheffield has a huge piece of art in a restaurant that is opening Friday 10/15. The Island Creek Oyster Bar in the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square. BIG! 12 ft high by 37 feet wide. Go check it out.

For many years it's been a great place for me to shop for holiday gifts that are one of a kind (think Jewelry, Pottery) feasible items from the most amazing and talented artists.

Bring your Camera! the Public Art is just phenomenal! My #1 as of late is STARRY NIGHT (bridge near 326 A St.) If you can see it at dusk, do it! 4800 Blue LED lights on the underside of the Summer Street Bridge will WOW you.

Map it out, wear comfortable shoes and plan to do a bit of walking. The artist's buildings span from the 259 area of A Street, Wormwood up to 337 Summer and around Congress Street.

Have a plan, bring a bottle of water, dress in layers - some studios are hot, literally and you'll step back outside this weekend into the mid 50's overcast streets. (bring an umbrella, there is a chance of rain)

Bring Checks, Cash and Credit Cards. You're dealing with a wide range of artists and payment methods. Also pack a measuring tape, you may need it if you find something you love and are not sure of the size.

Lastly, Plan on spending the day, the whole day. Because it's totally worth it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Packert News: ANNOUNCING the new site launch!

Packert worked with the team at

The site showcases the parallel work of Packert in both print and motion content. His range of projects is a testament to the many creatives who continue to share his passion. This new release is part of Packert's strive to push forward the rapidly evolving tools and mediums available in today's creative market.

While exploring the site, be sure to view Packert's most recent project: RIPTIDE

Friday, August 27, 2010

Some wild hair inspirations and more exposure for THE COVEN

Disconnect Magazine is described as "Hong Kong's essential hairdressing magazine", Their inspiring Aug/Sep issue features amazing work from around the globe including that of photographer Bob Packert and NAHA finalist Michael Albor.

Disconnect's use of the imagery is on the ever growing list of creative sources throughout the world giving THE COVEN never ending exposure.

We first presented this collaboration back in February and due to the impressive amount of international circulation, here's a re-cap of the project and amazing creative team:

The Coven Collaboration

THE COVEN is a culmination of Bob Packert's desire to push his art to the next level. This most recent project was inspired by the idea of an opulent Victorian Cult, with a mix of black magic, high fashion, and rock n' roll. What evolved is a showcase of leading edge hair styling by Michael Albor, owner of The Loft Salon and Spa for his next North American Hair Awards submission. (AUG 2010 update, Albor was one of the top five finalists in the category of Master Stylist)

A collection of 20 different portraits, the series was created over several days of shooting at Packert Photography. The authenticity of the project was carried through every element from Michael's whimsical hair concepts and Mariogla Pantazopoulos' striking make-up artistry through edgy wardrobe by Rina Stenis, and amazingly creative props + set design by Jennifer Dunlea.

Completing the collaborative team, Mark Sylvester of Interrobang Design acted as Art Director during the shoot, and provided design and copywriting for the booklet/postcard project. Packert and Interrobang have worked together for more than a decade on client and personal projects for their respective studios and joint clientele.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

H+MU Lisa Roche on AJ Wright

Earlier this year photographer Gary Sloan contacted zero2sixty creative after viewing the work of H+MU artist Lisa Roche online. Lisa and her assistant Hilary Warner became his go-to team for his long-time client AJ Wright.

"We consider ourselves lucky to add Lisa and Hilary to the crew, we had been searching both NYC and Boston for some fresh passion and excitement to add to our ethnically mixed AJ Wright shoots. We love their hair, their make-up, we love their attitudes and above all the freshness they bring to our set." - Gary Sloan

Monday, August 16, 2010

GOOD Magazine issue 020, NOLA, the imagery behind the story

On stands now: GOOD magazine, the new orleans issue.

This quarterly magazine is a self declared "collaboration of people, businesses and nonprofits pushing the world forward."

We proudly credit photographer Daymon Gardner for the cover as well as covering various stories through out the issue. (sidenote: get a preview of the "alphabet book" that Gardner is currently completing with Art Director Nessim Higson) Higson acted as the guest AD for the 020 issue of GOOD. See the contents page for an out take of Gardner, Higson and cover subject Darryl "Dancing man 504" Young.

Daymon Gardner's passions are human interest stories and photography, so any opportunity to combine the two usually leads him on an adventure that he documents with not just his eye, but his heart. Gardner gives back through his photography with many non-profit projects every year including ELEVATE.

As a Louisiana Native and NOLA resident, Gardner has been witness to Katrina and now the Gulf Spill. Our conversations of late have been about the abundance of time and emotion he has put forth for Men's Journal, Time and many other publications who have commissioned Gardner in recent months.

NOLA has been been given a great amount of attention in 2010, not just for the Gulf disaster; this year marks 5 years since Katrina made way and left catostrophic damage that the city is still recovering from. But, this is issue of GOOD puts the positive words on it's cover: THE AMAZING REBUILDING OF NEW ORLEANS.